Review of at
On the Blackest of Nights Heavy Metal Haven (9,3/10)
The Grim Tower (8/10) 
Beyond the Veil Webzine (8/10) 
About Heavy Metal (8/10) 
Axes to Grind (-)
Metalkaoz (8/10)
Metal Temple (10/10) !
Terrible Certainty (-)
Eternal Terror (5,5/6)
Apochs Metal Review (8/10)
Ultima Music Blog (8,5/10)
Zombie Ritual Fanzine (-)
Digital Steel (82/100)   NEW!!!
The Mourning Son demo Scumfeast Metal 666 blog
Sweden Metal Zine (in Swedish)
Through the Gateway 7" (in German)
Void Moon demo Metal Observer
Hell Bent for Metal Zine (as jpg) 
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Metal Temple
Heavy Magazin (in German as jpg)
Hellride Music
Digital Steel
The Nocturnal Battle of Chariots (in Polish)
Aristocrazia Webzine (in Italian)