Upcoming gigs
2 Heavy 4 You Festival, Sweden July 1-2, 2016 http://www.2heavy4you.com/
Venom Inc, Rotting Christ, Nifelheim, Mortuary Drape, Deströyer 666, Desaster, Törr, Lord Belial, Protector, Kill and many more

Past gigs
Malta Doom Metal Festival, Malta October 24, 2015 www.maltadoom.com  with Venom Inc, Cromlech, King Heavy, Stonegriff, Spirit Descent, Alunah, Tysondog, Dawn of Anguish, Marche Funebre and more
Old Grave Fest, Bukarest, Romania October 9-10, 2015 https://www.facebook.com/events/1491962164382853/
with Destroyer 666, Dead Congregation and more
Limelight, Belfast, Ireland April 11, 2015 https://www.facebook.com/events/363789733806060/?fref=ts
with Terminus
Gypsy Rose Rock and Blues Bar,
Dublin, Ireland
April 10, 2015 https://www.facebook.com/events/1413747592249038/?fref=ts
with Argus, Mael Mordha and Terminus
Doom over Scania II, Hässleholm, Sweden March 28, 2015 https://www.facebook.com/DoomOverScania
with Stonegriff, Graviators and more
Dutch Doom Days XIII, Rotterdam, The Nederlands November 2, 2014 https://www.facebook.com/DutchDoomDays
with Procession, The Wounded Kings, Magma Rise, Victims Of Creation, Saint Vitus, Orange Goblin and more
Doom over Scania I, Malmö, Sweden March 29, 2014 https://www.facebook.com/DoomOverScania with Sorcerer, Mortalicum, Stonegriff, Hands of Orlac
Metal Magic 6, Fredericia, Denmark July 11-13, 2013 http://metal-magic.dk with Mortuary Drape, The Black, Hobbs Angel of Death, Emerald and more
Bat Cave, Höör, Sweden June 29, 2013 with Trap.
Malta Doom Metal Festival, Malta November 4-5, 2011 www.maltadoom.com with Pagan Altar, Forsaken, Mirror of Deception, Officium Triste, Temple of Pain and more. 
Caf'e Barbro, Malmö Sweden October 26, 2011 With Cult of the Fox and Lights Out.
Club 666, Gothenburg, Sweden May 21, 2011 With Pagan Rites.
The Docks, Malmö, Sweden May 14, 2011 ..