Peter Svensson
bass, guitars
Marcus Rosenkvist
drums, vocals

Band history
Void Moon was formed in early 2009 by bassist Peter Svensson and vocalist/guitarist Jonas Gustavsson along with drummer Thomas Hedlund. The work on the first demo began in the end of 2009 and the recording was finished and mixed during the spring 2010. In October 2010 four of these tracks were released as the Through the Gateway 7 EP on the German label Metalbound Records. Following the release Erika Wallberg joined the band as lead guitarist. In April 2011, a second demo was released, entitled "The Mourning Son". The band made its debut gig in Malmö on the 14th of April and played in Gothenburg the week after supporting Pagan Rites. In November 2011 Void Moon played at the renowned Malta Doom Metal Fest. Their debut album, "On the Blackest of Nights" was released worldwide in November 2012 by Cruz del Sur. It generated a lot of positive reviews and the release opened up some festival shows during 2013. In the beginning of 2014 the band started recording a new single, "Where the Sleeper Lies Awake". This was to be the last recording featuring Thomas on drums. Thomas left the band in February 2014. He was replaced by Marcus Rosenkvist. In October 2014, the band could finally play at the legendary Dutch Doom Days in Rotterdam. 2015 saw the band playing more live with a second appearance at Doom over Scania II, a mini-tour of Ireland and festival gigs at Old Grave Fest in Romania and Malta Doom Metal Fest.  In the spring of 2016, the band's second full-length "Deathwatch" was released through Sun & Moon Records. The reviews for "Deathwatch" were generally very positive of the progress of the band with top ratings in many metal magazines. In the autumn of 2016 Jonas left the band. 

In 2017 the band started recorded tracks for a EP, "Ars Moriendi". Leo Stivala (from Forsaken) recorded vocals for one track. The EP was released on 10" vinyl on the 31 of August 2018 by renowned cult label Monster Nation.

Work began on the third full-length and in 2020 the fruitation of this work resulted in an emotional concept album called "The Autumn Throne". The album is released by renowned cult label Sun & Moon Records and features guest appearances by Sean Vukovic (FORSAKEN), Luis B. Galvez (TRISTITIA) and Martin Jepsen Andersen (BLINDSTONE, Ex-REECE).

Void Moon draws inspiration and strength from the old gods of Black Sabbath and Candlemass empowered by torchbearers like Solitude Aeturnus and contemporary bands like Hammers of Misfortune and Grand Magus. The songs are written in the early doom vein and the lyrical themes surround philosophy, occultism, horror stories and death.